The design of the Whype is a modern/classic style with neutral White and chrome colours that make it suitable for any interior.

The rounded shape makes the unit look sleek and stylish, only to be broken by a slight chrome coloured line, even the hinges are designed in the same round shape.

When opened, the unit shows a nice chrome coloured plate, with in the centre a transparent roll.

This roll is specially designed release enough lotion in one take.
Underneath the Chrome plate is the reservoir, which allows for a week's filling, dependant on use.

The innovative hang-up system allows the unit to be removed by hand for cleaning/filling/use elsewhere.
When used elsewhere, on table-tops, commodes etc. the unit is designed to stand by itself, without any help.
The lid opens wide enough to leave room for proper use and when closed it keeps the unit dust free.
In closed position, the unit is smartly designed too look good in any room.