Wet towels are often flushed down the toilet, causing serious problems for waste water treatment plants.
First of all the paper used in the wet towels does not dissolve in water like ordinary toilet paper.
This can cause:

  • Blockage of home drains
  • Piling up of sewage Clogging 
  • Breaking down of pumps used for waste water treatment

The costs involved are serious, in The Netherlands alone 30 million Euro per year for cleaning pumps in waste water treatment plants and another 25 million Euro per year for unclogging drains in peoples homes.
As much as 60% of the home blockages are caused by wet towels.

Using the Whype allows for normal toilet paper to be used, so all these problems are in the past.
Next to this, conventional wet towels are chemically perfumed and contain soap.
The chemicals used to moisten and perfume the towels are also a great threat to the environment.
With the Whype you can use our soap free Lotion, based on natural eucalyptus oil.