By popular request to have the benefits of the Whype on the road or on vacation, we have added a travel spray to our collection.

The small bottle, the size of a small perfume bottle (30ml), holds the Lotion Natural as known from the larger bottles.
You can spray about 250x, ample for 2 weeks vacation.
Also applicable for refreshing the toilet seat.

When the bottle is empty, it can be refilled from your own larger (250ml) bottle, which has a special top to prevent spilling.
The mini-spray fits in every handbag or jacket.

In developing this lotion, we took into account of the following properties:

  • Soap Free
  • Free of synthetic fragrances
  • Free of colouring

Full ingredient list can be provided on request
This lotion is based on ethereal Eucalyptus oil for a soft, refreshing experience.

Whype Lotion complies with the strict Dutch and European cosmetics legislation.

Completely developed and produced in The Netherlands.

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